Improve the performance of your website and get more leads.

Need To Increase The Speed Of Your WordPress Website?

Don’t lose visitors because of a slow site! Increase your user experience and get more leads.

Speed Up Your Website

If your site is lagging on each page load, the chances are you are losing customers and visibility on Google Search Engine.

1. Increase Performance

Speed your site up to 68%, improved load times, significant bandwidth savings (up to 80%) and reduced DNS lookups.

2. User Experience

Increase conversions rate, increase time spent on your website, get more page views per visitor and improve SEO rankings.

Ultimate Website Optimisation PLUS Our Private CDN

Our private CDN (Content Delivery Networks) solution, distributes your website content around the world, bringing your site closer to your visitors. Shorter distance means your website loads faster.

We utilise five data centers throughout Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth). In total we deliver your website with lightning-fast performance utilising 36 global data centers.

Other benefits of CDN, it protects your website from a range of online threats from spammers to SQL injection to DDOS.

Keep your WordPress website core, theme and plugins up-to-date at all times.

Advanced Protection

How Much Do You Value Your Business Reputation?

Keeping the bad guys away from your investment. Don’t lose ranking or ever get blacklisted on Google search engine.

Tighten WordPress System

Advanced settings that are utilized to further strengthen the security of your WordPress site. They block common forms of attack. PLUS strict file permission tightening.

Tweak WordPress System

Further strengthen your WordPress website security. Reducing spam, disable admin file editor, protect against Tabnapping, change default user ID, database table prefix change, reset WordPress Salt keys and many more…

Database And Website Backups

Schedule regular website and database backups. Stored locally and a safe remote destination.

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