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Waboolabs is an elite team of SAP specialists on a mission to solve SAP challenges for good, the first time around. Our vetted, deeply experienced experts work closely with our clients to achieve more with less. Delivering on-time and within-budget is our promise, and that’s a promise we keep.

We’ve partnered with industry leaders like IBM, Kyndryl, Medtronic, and more, helping them navigate the SAP journey with the right roadmap to conquer even the roughest of unique SAP terrain. Our success speaks for itself – and we’d be honored to make you our next success story.





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We could talk all day about why you should choose Waboolabs, but we’d but much let our happy clients do the talking.

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Engage with premium senior experts who guarantee results. Surpass commodity resources and
outpace higher-priced Big-5 consultants. Waboolabs ensures unparalleled expertise combined with
fiscal intelligence, redefining ROI.

Our experts don’t just execute; they anticipate. Rich experience equips us with foresight, and our
process is honed by best practices and lessons learned. Deadlines aren’t just dates; they’re our

Details matter. By understanding every facet of your infrastructure, we ensure a holistic and
comprehensive approach, leaving no stone unturned.

Interact directly with our seasoned SAP engineers. Eliminate layers, ensure potent results, and
bask in direct, impactful collaboration.

Industry leaders, from IBM to Kyndryl and beyond, trust Waboolabs. Dive into a partnership backed
by best practices and time-tested proficiency.

Experience premium service. Engage directly with our leadership and embrace an SAP journey
championed by global trailblazers.

Our commitment transcends mere service. We’re passionate about bolstering your team’s SAP
prowess, preparing them to ace future challenges.Our commitment transcends mere service. We’re passionate about bolstering your team’s SAP
prowess, preparing them to ace future challenges.

Our process, steeped in trust, is also adaptive. Experience bespoke solutions crafted for your
unique business challenges.

Benefit from the global advantage. Our balanced blend of onsite, on-shore, remote, and offshore
talents ensures top-tier expertise at competitive pricing. Whether for rapid implementations or 24×7
operations, we cover every need across time zones. Dive into seamless operations with

Real Clients. Real Results.

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1. From Setback to Success in Record Time:

• Challenge: A crucial global SAP migration project faced a 12-month standstill, with
looming litigation threats due to integrator lapses.
• Solution: Waboolabs swiftly stepped in, completing the once-stalled project in just
three months.
• Result: Achieved seamless migration, all while adhering to the original budget and
timeline and adding resiliency by implementing HA and DR.

2. Maximized Productivity & secured SAP Platform Through
Seamless Access:

• Challenge: 3,000 users and the security team slogged through tedious manual logins
and password reset process across SAP applications, wasting 10,000 hours annually.
• Solution: Deployed the Netweaver Single Sign-On, harnessing Kerberos, X509, and
SAML protocols.
• Result: Annual time savings of 10,000 hours, bolstered security, enhanced productivity,
and optimized resource allocation

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3. Seamless Migration with Minimized Interruption:

• Challenge: A major utility firm grappled with an anticipated 80-hour downtime during an
intricate SAP heterogenous migration. The task was compounded with technology
upgrades, data center shifts, HA/DR setups, and countless interface integrations.
• Solution: Waboolabs orchestrated a custom SAP migration strategy, achieving the
objective within an impressively brief outage window.
• Result: We curtailed downtime by 60%, delivering the project seamlessly on-time and on-budget.

4. Revitalizing a Faltering S/4HANA Launch:

• Challenge: A derailed green-field S/4HANA implementation pushed the client to the
brink of reverting to their antiquated JD Edwards system.
• Solution: Waboolabs intervened, expertly navigating the challenges and sidestepping
the need to fall back to the dated JD Edwards platform.
• Result: We carved out a 70% reduction in continuous IT operations expenses and
ignited a significant uptick in operational agility.

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5. Setting the Bar for Efficient Cloud Migrations:

• Challenge: In a transition to Azure, the client braced for a daunting 48-hour SAP Cloud
downtime, dwarfing their 16-hour acceptable limit.
• Solution: Waboolabs innovated with a custom-tailored migration strategy, curbing
downtime by an impressive 80%.
• Result: With our guidance, the SAP platform downtime was trimmed to under 8 hours, establishing a fresh benchmark in efficiency.

6. Breathing Life into Legacy SAP Systems:

• Challenge: An aged SAP environment, over 15 years old, suffered from dwindling
performance and questionable stability.
• Solution: Waboolabs spearheaded a comprehensive modernization and optimization of
the entire ecosystem, encompassing a significant hardware refresh, an SAP upgrade, a
Unicode conversion for global compatibility, an advanced database upgrade, a high
availability setup for uninterrupted service, and the implementation of a scanning
solution for efficient data handling.
• Result: Achieved a pronounced boost in performance, fortified system reliability, and
ensured the environment was primed for the challenges ahead.

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7. Fortifying SAP Security:

• Challenge: 40,000 system users were operating on an antiquated system and manual
login steps without end to end encryption, exposing them to heightened security risks.
• Solution: Implementation of SAP’s Netweaver SSO solution, using X509 and SAML,
complemented by advanced encryption techniques.
• Results: Developed a fortified landscape, ensuring every SAP system is shielded from

8. Operational Excellence through SAP Optimization:

• Challenge: The client sought to bolster security, reduce costs, and elevate operational
efficiency by transitioning their SAP Solution Manager to HANA.
• Solution: Waboolabs managed the migration and upgrade while archiving 40% of their
pivotal data and reducing the hardware footprint by 51%.
• Result: High Performing Solution Manager system running on HANA with optimized
hardware footprint.

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9. Fortifying Healthcare Technical Resiliency:

• Challenge: A top-tier healthcare provider was plagued by resiliency gaps across their
extensive IT infrastructure.
• Solution: Waboolabs undertook a sweeping IT Resiliency Gap Analysis and Service
Mapping effort. Waboolabs collaborated with internal teams and ServiceNow vendors to
establish ServiceNow based comprehensive solutions.
• Result: Assessment and optimization of over 5,000 OS Instances, 1,100 DB Instances,
2,100 HW Assets, and 250 applications, leading to heightened operational efficiency
and broad-spectrum cost reductions.


Skyrocket efficiency and meet client demands through SAP performance optimization. Adapt and scale as your systems grow, in line with your objectives.


We’ll ensure seamless SAP updates without a hitch or hiccup.


Be prepared for anything with robust disaster defense.


Waboolabs guarantees ironclad SAP security with top-tier compliance.


We’re proactive, not reactive. With always-on monitoring, resilience is a given in your SAP landscape


We’ve been in your shoes, and we understand that SAP implementations are among the biggest decisions you can make.


We’ve spent decades mastering the art of adaptive SAP scaling that matches your growth trajectory.

HANA Database Tuning

Ensure peak performance with SAP database tuning that guarantees smooth, efficient operations at all times.

S/4HANA Migration

Move to the S/4HANA (Cloud or On-Prem) and meet the 2027 HANA migration deadline while streamlining your operations.

Cloud-Ready SAP

Make sure you’re cloud-ready by aligning your digital transformation with your customers’ expectations.

How to Work With Waboolabs

At Waboolabs, we care about quality over quantity. Instead of taking on every client who approaches us, our elite SAP veterans prefer to work with a limited collective of companies to ensure the white-glove service we pride ourselves on. This way, we can provide each project with the complete attention and care it deserves, guiding it from seed to sealed-deal with precision and focus. If exceptional, personalized assistance is what your project needs, start a conversation now.

Our Unique Process

Every “similar” company undoubtedly claims that their process is unique, but we can prove it.

Initial Consultation & Assessment

We use a comprehensive 25-point checklist to scrutinize critical
components and bottlenecks in your current infrastructure,
understand your tech challenges, and ensure nothing slips through
the cracks. From there, we can map each component and propose a
roadmap for SAP migration, performance optimization, upgrades, or
implementation. All while keeping your goals at heart.

Proposal Development & Approval

We sit down to shape the scope, timeline, resources, and budget for
collaborate review and approval before going ahead.

Technical Planning & Design

With your green light, we craft a suitable technical plan, establish
realistic timelines, allocate resources, and flag potential challenges to ensure flawless execution and ruthless risk mitigation.


We’ve spent decades executing project plans with minimal disruption
or interruption. By this point, the end goal is in sight – optimized
systems and enhanced efficiency for your SAP infrastructure.
Rigorous quality assurance and checks are par for the course.

Training, Support & Enablement

The journey doesn’t end with implementation. Our SAP specialists will
be on-call to solve your technical queries, train your team on
managing your new system, monitor your infrastructure and technical performance indicators, and beyond. We’re also available for
feedback sessions.


We are so confident that we can transform your SAP landscape, that you won’t pay a dime for your initial session. We’re not scrupulous salespeople. We want to show you what we can do to help you improve performance, efficiency, productivity, and everything in between. Because Waboolabs is so much more than “just another” SAP specialist. We’re your trusted partner in long-term SAP success, changing with the tides and as your business and needs evolve.